"Its time to go Online"
"Upgrade your skills from the comfront of your home"

Online Training

Do you find it hard to locate a good training center near you?
Do you feel the courses run on a different pace than yours?
Are you finding it difficult to get a training in your free hours?

Then our Online Training is the best option for you!

The online services are becoming so popular that it has already reshaped the way people and organisations perform daily activities. The greatest change has happened in the field of education as online training brought a completely new outlook in the way trainings are held.

Online training has many advantages to present for both students and organizations.

 As a student you can:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn whenever and wherever you want
  • Have access to highly qualified trainers from different continents
  • Obtain immediate results and feedback
  • Have up to date course materials which are always at your disposal


As an organisation you can:

  • Provide training for your staffs at multiple locations at the same time
  • Allow your employees to attend the course when they’re available, so that their duties remain unaffected
  • Save cost of arranging training rooms, course materials, travel expenses and refresher training for your staffs
  • Easily update and uniquely customize your course content

Self-learn Online Training

RHLS- Red Hat Learning Subscription

  • 1 year subscription
  • Get access to 40+ course modules
  • Costs only as much as 2 modules in classroom mode
  • 20 classroom videos (pre recorded) and more on its way
  • 400 Hours of remote labs

Online Learning

  • Self Learning for one module

Video Classroom

  • Available for all popular Red Hat courses
  • High Definition Videos
  • For those who want to take just one module

Trainer-led Online Training

IPSR Flexi- Learning

  • For all software and networking courses
  • Remote lab access for RHCE in slotted hours

Virtual Learning

  • Pre-scheduled
  • Trainers from Red Hat will take the session
  • Is live and interactive virtual classroom environment

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