RHCA in Enterprise Applications

An RHCA is ideal for Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developers (RHCEMDs) and Red Hat Certified JBoss Developers (RHCJDs) who wish to demonstrate greater depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in Red Hat middleware and applications products.

To become an Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) you have to pass the EX183 – Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer exam and EX283 – Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer Exam.

RHCEMDs and RHCJDs can combine courses within the Enterprise Applications track, and those who earn five or more credentials from the developer list will become a Red Hat Certified Architects in Enterprise Applications.

It is recommended, but not required, as guided by Red Hat that all candidates for Red Hat Certified Architect in Enterprise Applications earn these certifications:

The recommendation for these certification combinations are based on that these two certifications mentioned above have been earned.

Application Acceleration and Integration

Modern day enterprise applications must keep up with business demands that are fast changing and these certifications will help speed the development cycle and the pace at which new applications and functionality are integrated and deployed within an organization:


Application Automation

Automation is the key, when things have to be done faster and reliably. Earning these certifications and one more from the developer list will help streamline the way applications are developed and managed.


DevOps, Containers, and OpenShift

DevOps is the set of processes of hastening the speed at which an idea or feature request ends up in the hands of an user of the application. Developers now have the power to decide the environment in which their applications run and create continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that make today’s checked-in changes tomorrow’s production code.

Earning these certifications plus three more from the developer list will help organizations ramp up their production cycles.