Red Hat Individual Exams

Red Hat Individual Exam – with KOALA (Kiosk On A Laptop Architecture Setup)

Take any Red Hat exams EX200, EX270, EX276, EX280, EX300, EX210, EX310, EX413, EX236, EX436, EX403, EX342, EX442, EX248, EX220, EX405 or EX407 individually at your convenient time with KOALA Setup at IPSR Cochin.



Now you can take Red Hat certification exams as an individual exam on a secure, personal testing station at our IPSR Cochin Center. Red Hat Individual Exams allow you to schedule an exam at a time convenient for you. Prepare at your own pace and take your exam at IPSR anytime.



How will I take my exam?

You will take the individual exams on an individual testing station developed by Red Hat for IPSR. It is a secure, pre-configured kiosk or laptop. The testing station makes sure that you have the complete functionality required for the exam, and that you can take the exam in a secure manner remotely monitored by a Red Hat test proctor. Red Hat Individual Exams can offer you extra time to study, and they are a flexible, convenient way to accommodate busy schedules.