Python Professional

Python is a widely used high-level programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is one of the most expressive languages which has Rapid Application Development features which help developers to work quickly and efficiently. Being a general-purpose high-level language, it is considered a standard among scientific researchers. And it also has a large and comprehensive standard library. There is no wonder Python has been conferred the title 'The Darling of Software Developers'. Big companies using Python include YouTube, Dropbox, Google, NASA and many more.

Mastering Python will be a good option for those who are seeking a career in Industry 4.0 trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analysis etc.


“Python Professional” course covers all the topics from core python programming to web development using Django Framework. 

Mode of  Training

Duration - 70 hrs

Prerequisites : No prerequisites defined

Python Professional Syllabus 

This Python Professional course can also be done as two different modules

Module 1: Python for Developers -  50 hrs

Module 2: Python Web Development using Django Framework - 20 hrs


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STAR International Certification

Students can take the global certification from STAR and become a Star Python certified. Star Certification is one of the World’s Leading IT Certification Body, Headquartered in California, USA, offering Vendor-neutral certifications. Created through original and meticulous research by some of the most talented communities and councils, these certification Program is all set to create Industry standards fostering knowledge, skill development and subject matter competency.

Exam Code:     PYTHON S07-114

Also, once you have successfully successfully completed projects/assignments(verified by our trainer),you will be awarded with IPSR's Python for Network programming/ Web programming with Django framework/ Data Analysis & Machine Learning / Python Master Certificate.


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Name Company Designation Course Placed Month
Thomas Luke Genpact Associate Data Analysis PYTHON Jan-2021
Gokul S Nair Techversant Software Engineer PYTHON Jan-2021
Soniya Joseph Rapidvalue Python Developer PYTHON Jan-2021
Tessa Catherin Joseph Neovibe Innovative Technologies Jr. Software Developer PYTHON Jan-2021
Vishak Kochiyil Mariapps Marine Solutions Jr. Software Engineer PYTHON Jan-2021
Meenu M Travidux Technologies Jr. Software Developer PYTHON Dec-2020